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How we help
Product DesignWe offer end-to-end product design services, turning your concepts into market-ready products.
Client DevelopmentThe Nostr Dev Team specialise in developing robust and user-friendly Nostr clients, focusing on performance, security, and user experience.
Relay ServicesFrom relay hosting through to DVM delivery and Blossom server management, we can provide infrastructure that scales with your needs.
What is nostr?Nostr stands for Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays. It is an open, permission-less protocol that aims to provide censorship-resistance and interoperability. It can be used to create social networks or just about any other type of app (other stuff part of the acronym). It is not a single website or app, but the glue that holds together many apps (clients).What's the big deal?The big deal is that anyone can build on top of nostr and access the same user base. Prior to this companies relied on APIs which require permission to use. This means apps live in silos and can dictate everything a user does. It also means they can de-platform anyone at any time for any reason.
Our MissionOur goal is to help you realise your product vision - using Nostr tools, technologies, and best practices.From design through to strategic consulting, development, maintenance and support - we're committed to your success.
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